What is Muscle Soreness?

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What is Muscle Soreness?

Muscle soreness comes pretty much after every workout. But why do we get it and is it really a reciet that we have done our best? Will stretching help with the soreness? Should you train with muscle soreness? I will hopefully help you with some of these issues.

What happens to the body when we get muscle soreness?

No one really knows, but it is mainly caused by the amount of strain that is put on the muscles. Every excentric movement causes muscle soreness. To accelerate and stop a motion is a way soreness can arise.

Does muscle soreness hurt my muscles?

Yes, but probably in a good way! The muscle fibers breaks down while the muscles are recovering, meaning that it can be a great benefit for the recovery of the muscles since they will feel like they need to be stronger next time they are hurting.

How fast will i feel the soreness?

Muscle soreness never arises directly after a workout session. It is often felt the day after or up to 72 hours after your workout. If you are doing something in the gym you are not used to doing, you might be able to feel the pain even more.

Does more soreness equal better performance?

A lot of people reason this way, but it is not necessarily true. Soreness is very individual and is as stated something that is caused by unnatural movements or movements your body doesnt recognize.

How do you know if you have done enough in the gym?

Instead of measuring your gym goals by the amount of muscle soreness, try to keep tabs of the amount of weight you can lift – which means that you have gotten stronger!

What can you do to alliveate muscle soreness?

If you are working out with muscle soreness, it will probably disappear after your workout is finished. The blood flow will start and you wont feel as stiff. But when your workout is finished, it will likely come back! Keeping an active body will help with muscle soreness!

What about muscle soreness gel?

You can try to use some anti-inflammatory gel in ordet to alliveate your muscle soreness, but you should just learn to live with it since it will only be the most excruciating when you have just started exercising seriously.

Should you warm-up before working out?

For muscle soreness it wont matter, but it wouldnt hurt being ready to lift heavy weights.

Should I stretch after any workout?

Yes you could do that, but again nothing could really stop any muscle soreness. You should instead learn to stretch everytime you feel the soreness arising, since the blood flow from the stretching could help tremendously with alleviating muscle soreness! Stretching with an inversion table can also help!

Can you do something to prevent muscle soreness?

If you are new to going to the gym, you should start slow and move your way up, in order to not overdo it and hurt yourself! This will also let you manage any muscle soreness in however way you’d like!