9 Mistakes people with foam rollers do!

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9 Mistakes people with foam rollers do!

Here are 9 mistakes i believe people that uses foam rollers do. I am in no way an expert, but i do think that there are things to take into consideration when you want to succeed in getting the most out of your foam rolling experience!

  1. Rolling without resolving muscle knots prior to the workout

It’s not nearly as effective to use a foam roller if you dont tend to any muscle knots before you start using your foam roller.

You should first put the pressure with the foam roller on the muscle knot and put your whole body weight on top of it so that you reliev the pressure on that specific area. Keep it like that until the pressure is gone. Then you can start foam rolling over the area in maybe 60-90 seconds.

  1. Dont do any foam rolling until after the workout

To just start exercising without any warm-up period could be really bad in case of injury. You can use a foam roller as a warm-up exercise to get your blood flow pumping and will leave the way to a very good workout session for you that you will enjoy!

  1. You foam roll too much!foam roller mistakes

You should never foam roll more than 20 mintures. If you feel the need for this you probably have another type of issue or injury that a foam roller simply cannot fix! You should only foam roll every part of your body for maximum of 30-90 seconds. Everything beyond that is exessive. You can however repeat this up to 3 times but with a minute break in between.

  1. You are using a foam roller with too high density!

If you are not used to using a foam roller, you could damage any ligaments if you are too rough on your muscles. Start with a lower density foam roller and then work your way up to something more comfortable so that your foam rolling experience could be as good as possible! Since it is a really awesome tool to use in many instances.

  1. Foam rolling the lower back

You should not do this as the lower back is much more sensitive than the upper back. This can actually do more harm than good. For lower back pain its much better to stretch the area of pain instead of using a foam roller. The foam roller can be great to use on your upper back however.

  1. Rolling your kneecaps

You should not use a foam roller to roll your kneecaps since there are too many ligaments that can cause a lot of damage. Foam rolling should be used on softer areas of the body and not on the harder ones. Try to find other areas of the body to use the foam roller on!

  1. Using a foam roller to treat an injury

To use a foam roller if youre injured could make the injury way worse! You should only use it to prevent any injuries and not on injuries that are already caused.

  1. Only using the foam rollers on the days you are at the gym

You should try to use the foam roller a bit every day instead of only a lot on some days. If you dont have a foam roller at home already, you would do yourself a favor by purchasing one!

  1. Not understanding why you are using a foam roller

You might not even know why you are using one? In that case you should be really keen on researching more of the usages of foam rollers as they can be a great tool amongst many back pain products in many different instances.


Thank you for reading! I hope this can help you with any problems you might have!